The Dark Knight (2008) - The Assassination Attempt/The Joker’s Scars



Theories about films can easily be dismissed; you only need to watch Rodney Ascher’s wonderful documentary Room 237 to see how the smallest detail can grow into a new interpretation of some cinematic output. Comic book movies are open to this sort of reading due to the fanbase waiting to devour every frame to find meanings and references.

The Dark Knight, considered one of the most accomplished superhero films, also includes one of the most interesting theories; one which is given credence thanks to a unbearably tense scene around the halfway mark. Despite only featuring The Joker for a moment the build-up and execution of the assassination attempt on Mayor Garcia (Nestor Carbonell) offer real evidence for a prominent theory: The Joker is an ex-soldier, injured in the post-9/11 invasion of Iraq.

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